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Virginia RON Law: Conversation with the Eminence of RON Law in USA.

Commitment, Education, and Connection

Serving well and prospering in any field takes commitment, education, and connection. ~Jeannie E. Franks~

As the Remote Online Notarization field continues to evolve, notarial laws continue to adapt to the changes. Today, CyberNow (eCnow) the official electronic newsletter of the Cyber Notary Virtual Training Academy has the honor to conversate with an eminence in the RON law field, Timothy Reiniger. Mr. Reiniger has been involved in the creation of the Remote Online Notarization law since the beginning. His name is among the law experts in digital signature and the first RON law creation in the United States. The video you are about to watch and/or listen to focuses on Virginia RON law.

The Commonwealth of Virginia was the first to allow Remote Online Notarization in the USA. Mr. Reiniger was part of that pivotal point on our nation's notarial history.

Enjoy the conversation. If you have any question, contact CNVTA at

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