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Remote Notary Signing Agents (CyberNSAs) on the Rise

As more Title companies have opened up to Remote Online Notarization Services during closings, the demand for educated Remote Notary Signing Agents have also increased.

Just like a traditional notary public can specialize in mortgage closings as Notary Signing Agent, a Remote Online Notary can specialize in remote online closings (ROC) as Remote Notary Signing Agent or CyberNSA.

Education and experience are keys to successful Remote Online Closings. Just like a Remote Online Notary needs specialized training, the Remote Notary Signing Agent also needs the education that specifically speaks to the mortgage industry. Having traditional training and experience as notary Signing Agent helps; however, the Remote Notary Signing Agent will need to add more tools that are necessary during Remote Online Closings. These tools are not developed nor learned during traditional closings.

The Cyber Notary Virtual Training Academy designed a certification course specifically for Remote Notary Signing Agents. Also, a new book, considered a complement to the certification course mentioned above has been published and endorsed by CNVTA.

What every Notary Public needs to know prior, during, and after Remote Online Closings.

A must keep guide for all CyberNSAs.

When it comes to money making as CyberNSA, well, just like in the traditional sense of the service where Notary Signing Agents are paid more, CyberNSAs have the opportunity to charge a little more as well when conducting Remote Online Closings. Title companies know that. As traditional NSAs, the expenses differ; printing paper, mobilizing a vehicle, ink, presentable shoes, clothing, and so on. As Remote Notary Signing Agent, the expenses will include; computer, big enough monitor, fast internet, RON platform and so on. By reading the book mentioned above you will get a better idea.

There are also other types of investments Remote Notary Signing Agents need to be trained on; from how to prepare for online closings to how to handle customers online to growing the CyberNSA business. Again, the book mentioned above will let you know all about it.

Here are other topics the book talks about:

<> From Traditional NSA to CyberNSA.

<> Preparing for an Online Closing.

<> Example of an Online Closing.

<> Title Companies and RON Platforms.

<> MISMO and RON.

<> RON Law and The Mortgage Industry.

<> Domestic and International RON Closings.

<> Fees and RON Platforms.

<> Customer Service for CyberNSAs.

<> Strategies to Get More RON Closings.

<> Video Recording, Storage, and Notary Journal.

<> Basic Vocabulary for CyberNSAs.

We are experiencing exciting times. Technology is allowing services and businesses to evolve and find new ways to contribute to the moving economy. Of course, technology is only a tool. It is up to those with access to it to use it wisely. When it comes to Remote Online Notarization, as CyberNotary or CyberNSA, the trust placed in each commissioned notary public continues to be essential to each state and to the United States of America.


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