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eAPP the future trend of Issuing Apostilles in USA?

Original article published by the Cyber Notary Virtual Training Academy. You can read it here: https://www.cnvta.club/post/eapp-the-future-trend-of-issuing-apostilles-in-usa

Before we get into eAPP, let us explore what an Apostille in USA is.

Simply put, it is a certificate with a special seal, usually provided at a Secretary of State level, that authenticates the validity of the notarial officer’s commission who notarized the document (s) that will be used OCONUS (Outside the Continental United States).

The electronic Apostille or eAPP was launched in 2006 in order to promote and assist in the implementation of technology under the Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (Apostille Convention). This is a treaty drafted by HCCH; the Hague Conference on Private International Law - Conférence de La Haye de droit international privé. The Hague is a beautiful city located in the Netherlands. I lived in the Hague for a while during my young adult years. The rides on my bike took me to places where I was able to see the Peace Palace and other amazing places.

By the year 2012, the word pilot was removed from the eAPP program. The believe is that by implementing an electronic Apostille, money and time will be saved when compared to the often long and costly legislation process of issuing a single Apostille Certificate.

The first country in the world to implement the eAPP was Colombia (HCCH.net), country where the beautiful and best paid Hispanic actress, Sofia Vergara, is from. if you do not know who Sofia Vergara is, watch an episode of America's Got Talent. She is one of the judges. Then other countries followed.

2007 Colombia