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Necessity and Impact of Remote Online Notarization (RON)

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Remote Online Notarization is one of the trendiest transactions happening today.

Awareness of the existence of this technology based notarization have already entered the busy grid where users constantly search for secured and practical ways to complete transactions online. The demand for Remote Online Notaries will continue to grow as companies adapt to digital technologies.

Although RON has been around since 2011 in the United States of America, it was the Covid-19 pandemic that triggered the national and global necessity of having documents notarized 100% online. Now, more people are aware of this amazing service provided remotely.

Areas such as Real Estate, Law Firms, Education, and Government have transcended to this tech trend. Many remote companies have been formed in order to accommodate secured online signings. Others have evolved in order to provide signing services and stay in business.

Each State in the USA have come up with laws in order to allow the use of Remote Online Notaries during legal transactions. Some laws have been temporary. Other laws have been adopted permanently.

There is no doubt of the positive impact of Remote Online Notarization. Thousands of transactions have been completed using RON technologies. Many of our military members have been able to get their documents notarized while deployed overseas. Others who have been stock away from home due to Covid-19 vaccines regulations or other limitations, have been able to get documents notarized online. Real Estate transactions have been completed thanks to the RON technology. An abundant of law firms have been able to move their paperwork forward after their clients were able to meet online with a Remote Online Notary. The benefits of the RON technology have reached fields beyond expectations.

Of course, RON technology has served well thanks to the careful application of the trained Remote Online Notaries. Today, RON notaries have additional tools that enhance the service of traditional public notaries. The essence of a well job done online as a notary comes from what it has already been developed as a traditional public officer.

It is highly recommended that new commissioned notaries get their hands on developing traditional skills before fully jumping into Remote Online Notarization.


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