Training Remote Online Notaries

The Cyber Notary virtual training Academy (CNVTA) was founded in 2019. In a way, it was the first one of its kind, and the very first one registered as a legal business designed and dedicated to Remote Online Notaries in the Hampton Roads, VA.

Since its inception, it has trained notaries interested in the remote notarization field. Its general certification (CNVTA Certification) can be taken by notaries all over the United States. This online course not only highlights foundational aspects of how to conduct a

Remote Online Notarization successfully, but also prepares notaries to understand the basics of the technical aspects involved during RON, and techniques to develop and keep a five-star Customer Service rating.

CNVTA also provides "Refreshers", an innovative concept created by CNVTA's founder. It brings to notary professionals short and to the point subjects that are advisable to review from time to time. Instead of taking an entire full course again, the professional can take, for just as little as $5, a ten minutes refresher that will keep the professional up an running in knowledge; ahead of the curve in the notarial field.

The Cyber Notary Virtual Training Academy has achieved recognition in a short time, to the point that one of its RON certification courses is now an approved online course for Montana notaries. If you know a notary in the State of Montana, direct them to the CNVTA Montana's RON online course. Here is the link