The Rise of Cyber Insurance Among Remote Online Notaries

Cyber Awareness among notaries in the field or Remote Online Notarization has increased during the last twenty-four months. Cyber attacks reached higher levels not only at big enterprises but also at the level of small businesses and individuals. Ransomware being one of the most popular cyber-attacks.

What is Ransomware? One easy way to understand this term is by imagine a person being kidnapped, and the kidnappers asking for money in order to release the person. When it comes to technology, a malicious hacker may kidnap data, hold it, or block it from the owner until the money asked by the hacker is paid to the hacker. Most technological crimes usually relate to financial gain. Others involve power, making a statement, or simply curiosity. Remote Online Notaries are more aware of the sensibility of cyberspace. Sometimes, no matter how secured a network can be, hackers are always trying to get into spaces where money and personal information are available. RON notaries are protecting their finances by protecting their Remote Notarial Services.

What about an Errors & Omission Insurance? An E & O insurance will not cover the personal or financial data stored by the Remote Online Notary on a local computer. Of course, when a notary takes the CNVTA certification course, the notary learns techniques on how to protect data in order to prevent hackers from stealing it.

There is a lot of money invested by big companies in Cyber Insurance. They know that safeguarding their finances this way will save them from having to take money out of pocket solving a cyber incident.

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