PROXY MARRIAGE trending now

As the Covid-19 virus continued to impact the health of many people around the globe, and more restrictions were implemented by governments all over the world, cupid did not stop targeting the hearts of those meant to be officially engaged and married.

Separated couples in love and ready to take the next step: official commitment to the one they love, found an alternative in what it has been known for decades as "Proxy Marriage."

"Proxy Marriage" is a process that allows couples to get married without being physically present. During the process, the couple fills out paperwork such as the known "Affidavit in Support of Proxy Marriage" and other documents required by the Law Office that will be representing the couple in a civil court. After getting the Affidavit notarized, it is sent, along with the rest of the Proxy Marriage package to the law office assisting the couple.

To some people, Proxy Marriage may seem like a horror process due to the fact that many people are very much into their faith and what their faith requires when it comes to the Sacrament of Marriage. However, Covid-19 has kept many people apart for a long time, and couples just want to get marriage and officially commit to one another. Proxy Marriage has been popular among young adults since the pandemic impacted air transportation, government buildings, and the offices that people used to walk in without having to make an appointment first.

Proxy Marriage is trending now among young adults, specially our young adults serving in the armed forces. It is not a new thing though. History shows that back in the 1800s Emperor Napoleon married Archduchess Marie Louise by Proxy.

In the United States of America, it is known that only a few States allow Proxy marriages: Montana, California, Texas, y Colorado. Each State has its own rules about it.

Montana allows Proxy Marriage if one of the couple lives in Montana or if, at least one, is a member of the US armed forces. Some jurisdictions in Montana may allow double-proxy marriages.

California allows proxy marriage to members of the US armed forces who are stationed overseas serving on a conflict zone.

Colorado only allows proxy marriages to US armed forces members or government contractors stationed in another country and supporting US military operations. At least one party must be a Colorado resident.

Texas, the state many would have never thought of allowing Proxy Marriages due to its high number of Christians residents, allows proxy marriages to us military members stationed in other countries and to prisoners.

Well, it is said "Love conquers all" even the distance created by a Pandemic everyone wants to go away, to vanish forever. However, it looks like it will be a while before Covid-19 and its variations finally disappear from the environment. It seems Proxy marriages will continue to take place. Happy Valentine's Day to the couples who got married via Proxy, and to the couples who will be getting married this way. I hope, the couples are able to see each other in person and consummate their love and wedding vows.

Happy 2021 Valentine's Day and beyond.

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