National Notary Public Day

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

In the United States of America, we have a National Notary Public Day, November 7th. Since I became one myself, my commission added significance to observing this day and reflecting on the history of Notary Public service.

Many might not be aware that there is actually a Day that people can say “Thank You for your Service” to a Notary Public, however, almost every resident of the United States of America has requested notary public services.

Historians have noted the presence and functionality of Notary Public to a certain degree. Most notarial acts are confidential and records are kept that way unless records are required by law to be disclosed. For example, a court case that a notarial record might serve as evidence could be brought to the public eye.

1975 marks the year of recognizing notaries for their public service and their contributions to national and international commerce, even though it was in November 7th of 1639, when the first American, Thomas Fugill, was appointed to this honorable and respectful position. In the year of 1639, there is a Thomas Fugill involved in the signing of the “New Haven Colonies” which consisted of a small English Colony in North America which is now the State of Connecticut.

If you search throughout history, you will find that Public Notaries have been present during significant moments in the historical record of the United States. For instance, at the end of the the Civil War in America, the commanding General of the Confederate Forces, Robert E. Lee, took an Amnesty Oath Swearing to remain Loyal to the United States of America. You can see it here

Another example in history is when Calvin Coolidge, and American politician, had to go to a Notary Public’s office in order to receive from a Notary Public the Oath of Office that made official his gaining of the Presidential Office. After the Oath, Coolidge became the 30th President of the United States of America.

During the American Revolution, Thomas McKean, also a Notary Public and Lawyer, signed the United States Declaration of Independence and Articles of Confederation. Apparently, the Articles of Confederation were not completely harmonious, so the Constitutional Convention was established and documents signed by Nathaniel Gorham and others. Nathaniel Gorham began his political career as a Notary Public.

Another name that made history and who is also linked to the Office of Notary Public in the United States of America is Charles Bellinger Stewart. He was involved in the Texas Declaration of Independence and the design of the current Texan Flag, among other political affairs. One more notorious Texan Notary Public was Roy Bean. According to legend, Bean provided notarial services along with a cold beer.

According to research, there seem to be many commissioned notaries who have sparkled in other fields as well such as the talented and beautiful puerto-rican Jennifer Lopez; influential former Major League baseball player, Joe Moeller; Astronaut and teacher, Christa McAuliffe; and many others who are out there doing what they do for living, and, at the same time, hold a commission as Notary Public.

Now, the Office of Notary Public has been enhanced in the United States of America by allowing electronic and Remote notarization. Not all the States have approved it yet, but the ones that have approved Remote Notarization seem to have an advantage over those who have not. I am one of the Online Notarization Specialist Commissioned by the Commonwealth of Virginia. It has been fantastic to be able to provide Online Notarization from my Home Office to people all over the United States and Overseas. I encourage you to try my online notarization services by visiting and clicking GLOBAL.

The turn of the century brought new initiatives and secured ways that allowed policy makers to pass bills that give Notaries Public the ability to be legally functional in CyberSpace. In the next few years, history will also be recorded from a Cyber-perspective where the ink of Public Notaries will continue to adapt to ones and zeros while the heart of the Notaries remains traditional and the fraud-deterrent skills are enhanced by the development of cyber-fraud-deterrent sense.

We might not be called agents, but Public Notaries hold a trusted office that States in the United States of America count on in order to counter-fraud and provide the notarial services that keep the wheel of society moving forward.

If you know a Notary Public, on November 7th, let her/him know the public officer position held and investment of time and money are appreciated.

Many of the Notaries Public in USA are also Notary Signing Agents. A few of us are Remote Notary Public, a number that will increase before the next Presidential Elections and continue to rise during the next twenty years.

Many of you, or probably all of you, will need a Notary Public at some point in your life. Keep the doors open to notaries, to notaries that are human and capable of successfully executing notarial acts in all legally approved methods.

If you do not have a Notary Public already in your contacts, add me. From where I am, I am able to conduct legal Online Notarizations.

You may also book an appointment or invite me to speak at your events.

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