National Notary Public Day

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

In the United States of America, we have a National Notary Public Day, November 7th. Since I became one myself, my commission added significance to observing this day and reflecting on the history of Notary Public service.

Many might not be aware that there is actually a Day that people can say “Thank You for your Service” to a Notary Public, however, almost every resident of the United States of America has requested notary public services.

Historians have noted the presence and functionality of Notary Public to a certain degree. Most notarial acts are confidential and records are kept that way unless records are required by law to be disclosed. For example, a court case that a notarial record might serve as evidence could be brought to the public eye.

1975 marks the year of recognizing notaries for their public service and their contributions to national and international commerce, even though it was in November 7th of 1639, when the first American, Thomas Fugill, was appointed to this honorable and respectful position. In the year of 1639, there is a Thomas Fugill involved in the signing of the “New Haven Colonies” which consisted of a small English Colony in North America which is now the State of Connecticut.

If you search throughout history, you will find that Public Notaries have been present during significant moments in the historical record of the United States. For instance, at the end of the the Civil War in America, the commanding General of the Confederate Forces, Robert E. Lee, took an Amnesty Oath Swearing to remain Loyal to the United States of America. You can see it here