When I formed NotaryNow LLC in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I had no idea I would be getting my feet wet in Washington DC three months later.

Thanks to the Connected Commerce Council, NotaryNow LLC, a woman veteran owned Small Business, had a voice in our Nation’s Capital. Two days of non-stop meetings with people who attentively listened to what owners of Small Businesses had to say; the importance of Digital connectedness in the Small Business environment.

During every meeting, I had the opportunity to share my story and that of the formation of my company. I was able to explain how important digital platforms play a decisive role when looking at cost-effective tools that help my Small Business leverage marketing strategies, online presence, and deliver some of the services my company offers.

As I explained during the meetings, The Digital Driven Diverse Generation (DDDG) seems to find attractive the opportunity to interact online first before making any customer decision. With this in mind, NotaryNow LLC has learned how to bring different digital platforms together such as Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and others digital platforms offered by organizations I am part of in order to reach out to the DDDG and others who are finally joining the online environment when looking for services offered by Small Businesses.

During the flight to Washington DC from Virginia, I had information but not all the details of what my two days in DC would look like. I knew weather would be cold but I did not know it would snow. Getting from one building to the next was an adventure.

As I got my feet literally wet, the Connected Commerce Council had me and the team of Small Business Owners I had the pleasure to embark in this journey with already set up to meet with people who would listen to what Small Business Owners had to say. We met with Allen Gutierrez, U.S. Small Business Administration Associate Administrator of the Office of Entrepreneurial Development; we met with the FTC Commissioner Wilson; We met with staff from Rebecca Kelly Slaughter’s Office; we met with staff from FTC Commissioner Chopra’s Office; we attended a Panel Discussion with the Connected Commerce Council (3C) where a Small Business roundtable and National Small Business Association Representatives gathered together at Capitol Hill and discussed current issues involving Small Businesses today. It was great to witness the voice and seat Small Businesses had for a day in Washington DC.