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Cyber Insurance, RON Platform Vendors, and RON Notaries

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Technology facilitates many processes, including getting documents notarized from the comfort and safety of home or office. As new technologies allow convenience saving customers thousands of dollars in gas, paper, ink, and processing time, transactions over the internet may be exposed to cyber vulnerabilities even when cyber awareness have been taken into consideration and cyber security has been implemented during the process.

During the 2022 National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Summer Conference, I had the opportunity to talk to an Information Technology expert from who also taught me how to recognize if data from a computer system has been locked by an unsolicited cyber actor.

Data is the new crude oil of the world. Ransomware has increased exponentially during the last decade costing millions of dollars to big companies, small businesses, and individuals. Ransomware is just one example of many cyber threats every computer user could be exposed today.

When a commissioned notary public takes a certification course at the Cyber notary Virtual Training Academy, cyber awareness is part of the equipping process. Although obtaining cyber insurance is not mandatory yet, CNVTA recommends it.

How does Cyber Insurance protect the Remote Online Notary or his/her notarial business? It protects him/her or the business from unprecedent financial instability caused by cyber extortion, cyber business interruption, and/or digital asset damage, and so forth. Also, vendors who provide access to platforms that can be used for Remote Online Notarization should be covered by Cyber insurance as well. As RON continues to increase in demand by companies of all sizes and individuals, data will be flowing and stored in places that need cyber protection.

Once a notary public begins to conduct remote online notarizations, the notary public also becomes a fraud-prevention agent in cyberspace. As such, taking cyber measurements prior, during, and after remote online notarizations transaction is critical to the safety of data and financial stability.

The Cyber notary Virtual Training Academy (CNVTA) partnered with Cyber1 Insurance (C1i) in order to provide a safer cyber environment for remote online notaries and RON platform vendors. Find the site at


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