Christmas Cards in The Mail!

Digital Holiday Season cards have become a trend in today's fast paced world. Some digital cards are free, some are not. Many are simple, others have embedded digital artwork, stories, and songs. All it takes to the sender is to visit a website, select a digital card, input the e-mail of the receiver, click send, and the digital card instantly arrives to the recipient's digital inbox. Some of these websites have the option of selecting a sending date, so the selected digital card remains on standby until the selected date hits the calendar. Recipients open their e-mails, click the link that directs them to the digital card, and enjoy the digital surprise. Then, e-mails are closed and the colorful animated gifts stay locked within e-mails. Probably the beautiful digital card will not be seen again.

Throughout the years, I have received many of these Digital Christmas cards. I have enjoyed them and appreciated them dearly. However, when the mailbox in my house receives a tangible Christmas card, the feeling of joy differs a bit from the appreciation felt when Digital Cards arrived in my e-mail. How so? Most tangible Christmas cards I have received in my life have had some kind of hand written note. Moreover, after opening the cards and reading them, they have become part of the Christmas ambiance at home whether sitting on a branch of the Christmas tree or at the top of a visible Christmas box.

During the celebration, those tangible Christmas cards play a role; more than just filling in, they enhance the Christmas spirit embraced at home.

A Christmas without a Christmas card is almost like a Christmas without a Christmas Tree. The light that each one brings illumines the heart of those who appreciate the Holiday Season.

Some Christmas cards are funny, some are classically traditional, others are nutty.

Regardless of the type, when they can be touched, opened, and placed in a space where the eyes can see them again, the Christmas cards seem to last longer. Many may make it to the beautiful Christmas selfies and family photos.

Send a tangible Christmas card today to someone special or to someone whose light may shine the moment the tangible Christmas card arrives to his/her mailbox.

If it is possible in your area, take a few Christmas cards to hospitals and elderly Care Centers. One never knows when a simple Christmas card may bring a smile to someone's face during this time of the year when hope, compassion, and miracles walk together.

I take this opportunity to thank a friend of the family whose Christmas card arrives ev