Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

It is time to celebrate the Hispanic Heritage in the United States of America.

As it is already known, The United States of America has been the land of the free and dreams for many who live in other countries. From way before the thirteen US Colonies were formed to its current fifty united/independent States, people continue to relocate to USA in pursue of freedom, a better life, education, and so much more.

For this month celebration, the Notarial decided to feature Melina Fuenmayor; an entrepreneur in the field of notarization whose heritage comes from Venezuela, a country that currently is undergoing socio-political turmoil despite its beautiful landscapes and rich soil.

After receiving her Florida notary commission in 2019, Melina Fuenmayor decided to focus on the role of Notary Signing Agent. Over a thousand signings later, Melina took a step further, opened her own business, and became the Chief Executive Officer of The Closing Signing Services, an entity that specializes in closings for Real Estate transactions, and hires notaries nationwide. Melina comes from a strong background in legal services. In Venezuela, Melina was an attorney for the Venezuelan Judicial Branch. When she moved to the United States in 2017, Melina continued her engagements in the legal field as a Commissioned Notary. She admits that language has been one of the greatest barriers in her legal field in the United States, but Melina is proud of her heritage which flourishes when she speaks with an accent. She loves her accent, and people tell her she sounds like

Sofia Vergara; one of the highest paid Hispanic actresses in the United States casted as judge by the show America’s Got Talent and as an actress by the TV series Modern Family, among other film/TV productions.

Melina enjoys meeting new people and celebrates their success. She also enjoys conducting notarial acts locally and globally using the incredible technology available today. M