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cyber notary virtual training academy (CNVTA)

designed with AN AIM to provide tools to cyber notaries today that will not only help cyber notaries CONDUCT SUCCESSFUL REMOTE NOTARIZATIONS BUT ALSO keep a healthier notarial cyber environment WHILE PROTECTING cyberspace.

CNVTA logo

The feather represents honor and connection between the notary and the craft of notarizing documents. The feather experiences the intangible world of cyberspace. The Gold Shield represents educated knowledge that helps build a solid foundation as well as protection. The white triangle, along with the blue ribbon, form a spacecraft named "CNVTA"; Cyber Notary Virtual Training Academy lunched to go up into "space" - Cyberspace. 


CNVTA's electronic publication emailed to subscribers.

Training Cyber Notaries today- PII Conscious / Protecting Cyberspace
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